Best Rhinestone Software – Is it worth it?

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Why Having the Best Rhinestone Software is Key

If you are thinking of starting a small apparel or handicraft business, investing in rhinestone software for your bling machine is a smart decision. The reason lies in numerous business lessons that are generally considered the key to success. One we are about to discuss is the reason startups should embrace the latest technology. In your case – the most advanced and easiest to use.

For new entrepreneurs, it is always safe to start small. Unfortunately, many startups don’t quite get the difference between starting small and starting smart. You might think of your small capital as your biggest problem when the actual problem is not knowing where to and how to spend it. Many startups spend where they shouldn’t and ignore investments that can deliver higher returns.

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For the custom t shirt business  software is a great investment.

If you have a tight budget and you think it won’t be appropriate to invest in software, here are a few reasons that explain how it can actually maximize your ROI.

Increased Productivity

How many transfers can you produce with old-style software plug-ins? It depends on the size and complexity of the design it’s true, but it also depends on how your software lays out the design. The better your software is at laying out the stones in an economical fashion, the faster it will produce. The more advanced your rhinestone software is, the faster it will create. With increased productivity, you can sell more transfers in less time.

Creative Freedom

In any business, the uniqueness and individuality of your product gives you a visible competitive edge. In the rhinestone transfer or product business, it all depends on the software.

An advanced software allows the flexibility and freedom to create unique designs of your own. These software are designed in a manner that allows anyone to easily learn and utilize pattern creation tools, fills, and especially the ability to go from a scan or web file to a design. In contrast to modern rhinestone software, older packages were much more manual. Today, anyone who knows how to operate a computer and typical drawing tools can start creating rhinestone patterns  with something like Hotfix Era right away.

Superior Reliability

Technology has become so important for businesses today that it shouldn’t be considered a mere investment anymore. It should, in fact, be considered your very own business partner. And it is important to have a partner you can rely on.

With new software, you can rely on technology in almost any scenario. Whether knocking out a simple text design or duplicating a logo in bling, the newer packages function well.

Lesser Risk

Finally, one factor that can’t be beat – technology minimizes the risks and failures. Current software, like Hotfix Era feature a 3d simulation option to help you view your creation before you decide to produce in bulk volumes put them up for sale. With fewer risks, your business has fewer chances of failure and better opportunities of success.

So, if you are not investing in an advanced software, you are putting your business at great risk. The decision will affect your productivity, profits, and progress.


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Buying Wholesale Rhinestone Transfers for Business

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Buying Wholesale Rhinestone Transfers

Who are the best vendors for you?

Maybe you’ve been in the apparel business for a while, doing vinyl lettering, heat transfers, or even have a big screen printing shop, and you’re looking at getting into the rhinestone t-shirt business too.

It’s understandable. There aren’t many more profitable ways to make a buck in the custom tee business than with “bling. But do you jump in and buy a rhinestone machine and make  your own transfers, or do  you dust off your heat press and look for a source for wholesale?

Just thinking of starting a business? Start with the SBA first, then choose your methods!

Pros and Cons

Getting a rhinestone machine is not a small purchase. You could start off with one of the brush n bake, plotter and template material systems, but those are generally too slow if you’re already in business. Or you might take a step past that into the world of Ioline’s Crystal Press, but that’s probably not a good investment, according to this review. Your only real option for starting up a commercial business is starting with something like a CAMS 1V-2P from ColDesi or a Mesa Decor Rhinestone Machine – both are going to set you back $14K or more.

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If you CAN swing something like a CAMS machine, do it. You’ll be making your own designs and transfers for a fraction of the cost of buying wholesale transfers.

If not, let’s look at buying Wholesale.

You will pay between $4 and $12 for a rhinestone transfer from a wholesale company, like You’ll get decent turnaround time and very good quality. They have a good design team, and high quality stones and transfer paper. To produce their transfers, they use at least 3 of the big 4H3P CAMS machines – big investment!

There are cheaper suppliers out there, like CSTown, that sell transfers made overseas in China or sometimes in Korea. The good thing about these international companies is that you CAN save some cash and put that into profits. The downside is that, deserved or not, the Chinese vendors have a reputation for less than great quality.

The issue with going with one of the unknown vendors is that you often can’t tell they’re not using great rhinestones is when they come off in the wash. Not good for customer service! Rhinestones may look good, but the quality and consistency of the glue is what makes them last.

So stick with domestic suppliers if you can. MyRhinestoneTransfers, VSRhinestones..there are some good suppliers out there, or you may just want to find someone local to deal with – that’s the best solution! Pay a dollar more, but deal with someone around the corner.


If you can’t afford a good rhinestone machine..or a good USED rhinestone machine, then buying wholesale rhinestone transfers and heat pressing them yourself might be a good idea. Just pick your suppliers carefully!


5 Things to Look for in a Rhinestone Machine

Buying a rhinestone machine is a big step in any business. These 5 things will help you choose the right rhinestone machine for you!

Are you ready to take the next step in your business and add an automatic rhinestone machine and the ability to create rhinestone transfers to your sources of revenue?  If the answers yes then you’ve already seen the rhinestone t shirt trend explode over the past few years and are getting in position to take advantage of this profitable market.

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Here’s what you need to look for while you’re shopping for the right rhinestone machine:

  1. Versatility – the number of “hoppers” in an automatic rhinestone transfer machine is what determines how many sizes and colors of rhinestones you can do easily. Most entry level machines have 2 hoppers so you can do 2 colors or sizes of Hotfix rhinestones per design.  A good example of a 2 hopper machine is the CAMS 1V-2P from ColDesi.  The next level up is a 6 hopper system which makes it much faster and easier to make complex designs. This site has a lot of options if you’re looking for versatility.
  2. Speed – rhinestone machine speed is usually measured in “stones per minute”, meaning how many Hotfix rhinestones can be placed in a  :60 period. 150 stones/minute is a good minimum to look for. So an average wholesale rhinestone transfer you produce might have 300 stones, which will take about 1 minute to produce.
  3. Rhinestone Software – what does the rhinestone machine come with? A full featured, stand alone software like Hotfix Era is excellent, but there are also some worthy plug ins for Corel Draw. The advantage to a Hotfix Era style package is that you only have to learn how to use rhinestone creation tools where other applications make you work a bit harder.
  4. Training – it may sound cliché, but the better you are trained up front the happier you’ll be with your purchase. Make sure the company you buy from has a training option that fits your situation. Online? Video? On Site? Formal training class? It’s up to you!
  5. Warranty Support – rhinestone machines aren’t a new technology, but rhinestone machine dealers have a tendency to come and go.  How long has the brand of rhinestone machine been available in the US? How experienced is your dealer with sales and service? What is the warranty? Look for a company that has both online and telephone support, as well as a good library of videos so you can do your own trouble shooting during nights and weekends. Ask questions!

These are the top 5 things to consider when you’re looking for a rhinestone machine to add to your business, or to start making money on wholesale rhinestone transfers.